Who Are We?

I won't mislead you. I won't try to make you think that you are backed by a large company. Actually, it's more of a "me" than a "we" at BiStar. BiStar used to be an ISP, hosting websites. However, I ended up being all alone at BiStar due to a personal misfortune. That might be considered a good thing for you though, because now you have a lot of my experience focused on backing your activities here. You see, I no longer have to worry about the websites I once hosted. They are all gone.

So, if you need me, I'll be here for you. Don't hesitate to contact me. Visit my personal home page for contact info. I'd love to be of service.

So, how much experience do you have to draw on? A LOT!!!

For example, BiStar is one of the oldest commercial domains on the Internet. It was a physical network, before Google or AOL moved in. And, it was all a one man show. Just like it is now. Yep, it's just me running BiStar.

BiStar started out as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) around 1990 to host web sites and much more. You can check the Internet Archives Way-Back Machine for BiStar.com to verify this fact. Keep in mind, that BiStar existed BEFORE the Internet Archive! For comparison, check Google's site in 1998. BiStar was, at that time, and still is, funded entirely out of my own pocket.

I had to write much of the software myself, and also design and build some of the electronics from scratch. That's because there were no commercial domains for developers to sell their software and hardware to. So, I had to be my own software and hardware developer. That was a tough job!

At present, I still run the whole show for BiStar.com. I have no employees, and never did.

Yes, I believe I am qualified to serve your needs. And, I shall continue to do my best.

Did I mention a personal misfortune? Oh, yes. I remember now. BiStar got to where it was earning more than $1,000.00 a day after 10 years of hard work. I figured I'd toiled enough and reached my objective. So, I decided to reap the reward. No, not money. My reward was to settle down and marry the woman I had virtually put on hold while I built the business. So, I asked her to marry me. We were engaged for almost 12 hours. We never married. She died beside me in her sleep on the very day we got engaged. She was 36 years old. She died, believe it or not, from food poisoning.

That's Patricia, my dream girl! She lived to be 36.
That's Patricia, my dream girl! She lived to be 36.

Her untimely death, nearly took BiStar to the grave too. I was devastated. That's why BiStar is in such a relative mess compared to what it could be. But, somehow BiStar and I managed to survive. I built BiStar from the ground up for her, for me, and for you. That being the case, I just can't let it die! I won't! BiStar shall serve as a memorial for my one true love.

Well, I need to wipe the tears from my eyes and get back to work now. I have much work to do. As I intend to serve your needs to the best of my ability. There's more that went wrong, but I'm not going to go into that. Suffice it to say, I can take a beating and keep on going. I may have been slowed down quite a bit, but the important thing, as far as you are concerned, is I will not quit! I'm here for you.

Please be patient with me, as I am the only one working BiStar. So, if you would pardon the mess. This is a big job for just me. I have always been an engineer and a programmer not a webmaster, till now. Now, I'm wearing a lot of hats all at one time.

Thank you for visiting BiStar.

-- David Huett

More About BiStar

From the conception of BiStar, the goal has always been to empower those individuals willing to work beside one another in a cooperative manner. In order for them to work together they MUST be able to communicate effectively. Communication is the key, and that's why this entity is called BiStar Communications. We need to make use of modern Internet services like e-mail, IRC, telephones, and more. And, I feel one of the most important of all is good old-fashioned face-to-face.