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Connect with Others, Like Yourself, to Get More Out of Life

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.” -- Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)

Our objective is to address your need to work with others and your desire to know and understand in a cooperative manner. Together, we shall explore our reality. What is real and what is illusion? What do we need to enjoy life to the fullest? What can we do to get it? What works and what doesn't? What tried-and-true means are available? What effect does this knowledge have upon our lives?

To reach this objective, we strive to meet these basic requirements:
     1. Provide you with safety on the Internet and when dealing with others at BiStar.
     2. Provide you with the ability to address all of the BiStar members freely, provided that they wish to hear you.
          As a prerequisite, you are ALWAYS free to summarize what you wish to address them with.
     3. You are free to do as you will, for so long as no harm is done.
     4. You are free to seek information and to investigate issues.
     5. You have the right to defend yourself against accusers.
     6. Everyone shall strive for honesty, orderliness, fairness, and justice for all.

Without the effort of countless people, this project would not be possible. I could have never built anything of this magnitude without their contributions. I will never know who most of these people are. However, whomever you are, thank you. I'm certain that many others, as well as myself, are quite grateful.

BiStar's intent is to make it easy for you to interact and communicate with others through modern technology. This is about you! If you are given the means to communicate more efficiently with relative ease, then you are far more likely to get more of what you want out of life. Do not underestimate the power of modern communication technologies.

This entry portal to BiStar was just created today on Thursday February 25, 2010. I've put in 16 hours and 12 minutes of work on this domain today. And, still I need to do more. This isn't finished yet! Forgive the mess. My focus, is more on function than visual aesthetics. Although, I made an exception here. In time, and with your help and/or feedback BiStar shall grow progressively closer to what you want and need. And, of course, it will remain free.

It has been said that, "If'n it ain't cooked, don't serve it." I once believed in this approach, but then I got to thinking I'm not the only cook. Other's might wish to join me in the kitchen. So, some of the services served here just ain't cooked. Now, if that offends you, and you ain't cook'n, don't be look'n. ;^) (BTW, this page is an example of something that ain't cooked. I still need to create the web pages and add links to the other free services you might enjoy. )

Also, rather than using "ready, aim, fire!", I am applying the "ready, fire!, aim" method to hit our target. That is, I prepare myself by acquiring the know-how and skills needed (ready), then build what I think you want and need (fire!), then observe the results and the feedback I get. With that, I readjust my sights (aim), get ready, and fire again. So, please help by offering your constructive criticism. That way, we'll hit our target much quicker with less work.

Thank you for visiting BiStar and for helping to make the world just a little bit better.